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At Bellingham Young Life, we are committed to reaching young lives in our community through weekly Club meetings, summer camps, one-to-one connections with Club leaders and much more. 

Our vision is that every adolescent in Bellingham have the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow Him!
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6th Graders @ Breakaway Lodge
June 29--July 3 ($469) 

7th/8th Graders @ WFR Creekside
August 12--August 16 

9th-12th Graders @ Malibu
August 12--August 18 



​ ​MAR. 21-25- Malibu College Work Week!

APR. 14- Women of Influence Luncheon

JUN 29-JUL 3- 6th graders @ Breakaway

AUG. 12-16-7th/8th graders @ Creekside

AUG.12-18- High schoolers @ Malibu

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​Area Director's Corner - Loran Zenonian
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Jesus said to Thomas, “Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.” – John 20:29
It seems that some of the best ideas are born on the back of a napkin, in the booth of a small diner, or between two chairs drawn close together at your favorite coffee shop. Two months ago as the student leaders for our Young Life College @ Western Washington University were meeting the question was asked, “Why did you choose to lead Young Life?”
The answers lead to conversations, which lead to testimonies, which lead to the idea that each of us has a story, or a testimony that can bear ‘Witness’ to God moving in our lives. We discovered that the eight student leaders did not choose to lead out of obligation but rather out of the ‘Love of Christ’ for His work in their lives. They chose to lead because the Holy Spirit was real and present in their lives working through circumstances, other people, and the voice of God. That’s right these leaders are so bold and full of faith that they still yearn to hear the voice of God.
For the Winter Quarter at Western Washington University our 8 student leaders are taking a turn every Wednesday to give “Witness” to God moving in their lives up at WWU. Its been a privilege to hear the story as God works on leaders that are willing but not perfect as they talk about different trials and tribulations as students up at Western. Our Student Leaders are telling the story of how God triumphs over eating disorders, the need to be perfect, the prevalence of drugs and alcohol on campus, and so many other things that our College Age Leaders struggle through as they strive to hear His voice and grow closer with Him.
Will you join me in giving ‘Thanks’ to God for His work in our lives as well as His continued Presence thru these Student Leaders as they tell their story every week at Young Life College? I thank God for our leaders at WWU that strain to hear the voice that whispers their name through so that they may experience the amazing love of Jesus Christ.
May God be with you as we listen for His Voice!
Loran Zenonian – Area Director
Bellingham Young Life

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